How to Sew an Inseam Pocket

Have you noticed that women’s clothing rarely has pockets?? And when they do, they’re tiny! It’s one thing that really annoys me because I love being able to easily carry around my phone and some change but most of my clothes don’t have pockets. So, in this post, I will show you how simple it is to insert an inseam pocket into your patterns. See below for the steps! Continue reading How to Sew an Inseam Pocket

Silk Fabrics

This past weekend was my mom’s wedding. Because I’m the only one in the family that sews, I was volunteered to do all the alterations. I also decided to make dresses for myself and my two daughters. So, I’ve been inspired to write about working with silk fabrics. I’ll also include some descriptions of different types of natural silk and their uses. Take a look … Continue reading Silk Fabrics

Sewing Needles: 101

When I just started learning how to sew, anything that required changing needles (or basically anything else) on my sewing machine intimidated me. It seemed like there was too much I didn’t know and I was scared I’d wreck something. So, anytime a different sewing needle was suggested, I avoided that particular project.. for a long time. Luckily, I have since gotten over it and … Continue reading Sewing Needles: 101