12 Tips for Sewing with Knit Fabrics

If you’re like me, you probably started learning to sew using only woven fabrics. Sewing with knits is very different because all knits have a degree of natural stretch to them which changes the way the they behave during sewing. So, if you’re just starting to learn how to sew with knits or if you just want some tips read on below. Tips for Sewing … Continue reading 12 Tips for Sewing with Knit Fabrics

Silk Fabrics

This past weekend was my mom’s wedding. Because I’m the only one in the family that sews, I was volunteered to do all the alterations. I also decided to make dresses for myself and my two daughters. So, I’ve been inspired to write about working with silk fabrics. I’ll also include some descriptions of different types of natural silk and their uses. Take a look … Continue reading Silk Fabrics