Welcome to my blog!

First of all, thank you so much for visiting my site!

I’m a self taught sewist and first became interested in sewing because I’d often think up ideas for outfits I wanted but couldn’t find in stores or, if I did, they didn’t fit properly or they weren’t the colours I wanted. So, I signed up for a beginners skirt course and got more and more excited to learn more techniques.

I love the freedom sewing gives me to more fully express myself through my clothes, but, possibly more than that, I love the creative process of making clothes. From the first idea, to thinking through how to do it, to stitching the last couple stitches before finally trying on the garment. I find the entire process so satisfying (likely in part because I’m an introvert who treats quiet alone time as if it’s sacred).

So, I started this website to share my journey along with useful sewing tips, sew alongs, and other sewing/fashion/lifestyle information with likeminded people.

My goal is to start creating my own sewing patterns. So, hopefully sometime in the near future, I will be sharing these as well!

Thank you for reading and I’d very much appreciate if you follow or subscribe and come along on this journey with me!