Pattern Review: Mccalls M8091


Hi, Guys!

Bad news alert (shield your eyes if you don’t want to hear it): We are officially halfway through summer :(:(

So, this week I’ve been trying to decide which summer projects to complete and which ones will have to wait until next summer (too many ideas, too little time!)

For one of my last summer projects of this year, I made Mccalls’ pattern M8091 in view C and I made it in a stretch cotton sateen with an animal print (from It did turn out nice but the bodice was too big for me! So, after all that work, I’m donating it 😦

picture of Mccalls pattern M8091 view C made in an animal print cotton sateen
If there are two things I know for sure, they are this: fashion is cyclical and a permanently reappearing star in that cycle is animal print. Interestingly, I don’t have any animal print clothing!

I know- I could take it in but….I don’t want to. I do love the dress but I just hate alterations. If I say that I’m going to bring it in, I know it will be sitting on my ever growing fabric pile for a year! And the last thing I need in my sewing room, is clutter.

It is partially my fault- I had a feeling I should have made the bodice smaller but I didn’t.

Mccalls M8091 Review

Overall, I would recommend the pattern. I think it turned out really cute and, had it fit, it would be something I would actually wear (I should probably hold off on making skirts/pants until I’m don’t loosing weight).

The instructions are very easy to follow and I believe even a beginner could figure out the steps without too much trouble. I would say the only challenging parts are probably when you have to stitch in the ditch and that is actually pretty easy- you just need patience!

There are A LOT of pattern pieces and A LOT of steps but don’t let this intimidate you- it just seems like a lot but really, it isn’t hard. It’s just more time consuming.

I filmed the steps so you could follow along if you’d prefer that to following written instructions.

Let me know if you’ve made this dress or what you’ve been working on!

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