Baseball Tee Sew-Along (FREE)


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So, I’ve been away for a while but I’m very excited to end my hiatus! I have so many new ideas and projects I want to do and share with you this year.

The sun has finally been making its return to my city. The frost has been melting earlier in the morning and flowers have already begun to bloom! All this reminds me that spring is well on its way. A time for new beginnings.

Spring coming just around the corner also means another (less positive) thing: we have officially been in quarantine for a year now!!

It has been over a year since students have written their names on our lonely sign-in sheet near my desk. I’m surprised it hasn’t collected dust!

But, what all this makes me realize is that I haven’t really done what I originally planned to do at the beginning of quarantine. I thought I would have so much more time for working on my blog.. I did not.

So, that is why I’ve decided to start a series of sew-alongs. I’m really excited about it because it’s something I’ve wanted to do for so long.

I find that for beginners at sewing garments, the written instructions that come with patterns can be very time demanding and frustrating! I certainly hated it when I was just starting out. So, I thought I would start filming as I sew in the hopes that others might find it helpful and may even learn some new skills or tips.

So, please watch the video below and maybe share with a friend to sew-along with!

Side note: this first sew along has been a massive learning experience for me. There were so many things going on that I didn’t even know to think about before! (I had many files saved to the cloud which caused my video to spontaneously delete content and mix and match where my audio occurred— and this happened multiple times before I figured out the cause. It was a mess!) But I hope you will bear with me with this first video!

Thank you for reading and watching! It means a lot!

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