Covid and Vacation Time

The last few days I’ve finally had time to sew again and it feels so good! I’m not sure how to describe it other than to say, I’ve definitely felt more like myself again!

My courses just happened to end the same week that I finished up work for the summer- which is really nice- and is the reason I’m able to sew again! No more text book reading or boring stats! (And as an added plus, I’m actually completely done my program!)

Photo credits: @jacquiemunguia

It also feels good to be able to spend more time with my kids. I’ve found quarantine so stressful because I’m working at home and my kids can’t go to dance camp or anything like that this year, so, they’re kind of just fending for themselves while I’m working– definitely far from ideal (of course if they need something I stop working and help them and I have lunch with them etc). And now my struggle is finding fun and engaging activities to do with them while most recreational activities are not accessible right now.

Photo credits: Nathan Dumlao

So, I thought having time off would help me feel less stressed overall. While that is true to an extent, I still feel overwhelmed for some reason. This week, my partner and I had planned to go away for a weekend and see my absolute favorite and the always soulful Alicia Keys! I’m so disappointed it got cancelled! We also usually like to take our kids on a trip this time of year (last year was Whistler– it’s so beautiful there!) Plus, it just makes things harder when you can’t just go visit family members anymore. I think its just things like that that are making me feel a little down.

However, I have found a few things to be helpful when I start feeling this way and, so, since we are all in this together, I thought I’d share some of those things and, hopefully, it will be helpful.

Pc: Alexa Williams

First, setting a goal, accomplishing that goal, and then setting another one. But the goal needs to have a deadline and be measurable. That way, you can keep yourself accountable and see your progress. For me, fitness and exercise have been a constant for years. Motivation is definitely an issue during quarantine but I just keep signing up for challenges or else re-doing old ones. This had made a world of difference for me because even though the world doesn’t seem to moving, I still feel like I’m accomplishing something- plus exercise does release endorphins so it’s a win-win. Even if you don’t like exercise, you can focus on any goal- such as learning a new skill, painting your living room, learn a new language, etc.

Next, take advantage of the extra time you (presumably) have with your loved ones- even if its via Skype. That is another thing I’ve been really grateful for. I love seeing my kids during the day and being able to have lunch with them. It really grounds me and makes me feel like not all is lost because of Covid.

Last, take care of yourself. If you’re feeling stressed, practice meditation and deep breathing. I’ve been trying to do 15 minutes of deep breathing every day and I swear it makes me feel more energized and less stressed- a two for one! If you find meditation does not work for you, there are different things you could do. You could even take a bath, go for a walk in nature, or do some journaling. The point is to just do something that will help you de-stress and relax as much as possible.

That is all for now. I apologize for the negative post! I hope that it doesnt come across as too negative. I just wanted to share because sometimes when we realize that other people are feeling the same way as us, it just helps. So, that’s why I thought I’d share.

Let me know if you have any tips for beating the quarantine blues!

Thanks for reading!

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