Mimi G: Udemy Course Review

Hi, and happy FRIYAY!

Today, I wanted to share my experience taking the Udemy blogging course by Mimi G. I literally JUST finished it– it was AMAZING! For those who don’t know, Mimi G writes a very popular blog called Mimi G Style, and offers online sewing courses (Sew It Academy), creates sewing patterns for Simplicty, and also has a podcast. So, I decided to take her course, since, she clearly knows what she’s doing!

….and if you didn’t know who she was, take a look at her site! (😁 After reading this post of course).

Back to the review, I’ve been blogging on and off for a while now and didn’t really know where to go with the blog, how to improve it, or what to do next. Mimi G’s course answered pretty close to all my questions and some I hadn’t thought of.

One thing I liked about he course, is that it’s created for beginners. I’ve taken a formal online marketing course and I honestly didn’t find it as useful as this course! The reason being, formal online/digital marketing courses seem to assume that you’re gonna be working for an established business that will automatically have access to large audiences and email lists. Mimi G’s course lays out the entire process starting from the very beginning. So, I found that very helpful.

I also really liked the way she structured the course- she breaks everything down into an intro, blogging 101, the build out (what your blog will actually look like and what you will be writing about), creating content, Images and photography, branding, monetizing, promoting and social media and then the conclusion. Each section is made-up of a few short videos (about 5-ish minutes) which makes it super easy to follow and work through the course (even when you’re busy).

Mimi G Course

Another thing I loved about the course, is that Mimi G shares information that I didn’t know I didn’t know- there were a lot of things I wouldn’t think to google how to do, because I haven’t even really thought about them-such as guest blogging or monetizing when you have a small following.

As far as how well Mimi G’s advice actually works– sadly, between having the flu, work, school, and kids, I haven’t actually had time to put all the things I’ve learned into practice yet. But, even the few things I have done seem to be making a noticeable and positive difference!

So, I’d definitely recommend this course to anyone! Even though Mimi G writes a fashion/lifestyle/sewing, her tips and advice are applicable to all types of blogs.

Thanks for reading and happy sewing!

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