Where to Start With Your Cricut Maker

For Christmas, this year, I got a Cricut maker and I wanted to share this for others who are struggling with figuring out how to use the Cricut. Just to be clear, I wouldn’t call myself a crafter- mainly because paper crafts generally take more patience than I have. Point being, I am nothing close to an expert. So, what am I doing with a Cricut maker? (I’ve kinda been asking myself this question haha but read on for an explanation).

I heard this machine can do amazing things for both crafting and for sewing. I have an Etsy shop that I mainly only operate during the holiday season (and I participate in holiday craft fairs). My top selling items are handmade aprons in themes inspired by movies such as Captain America and the Nightmare Before Christmas. So, my partner thought it could save me a lot of time (I was swamped this winter!) if I could just print some of my pattern pieces on the Cricut. A lot of the pieces can be a pain to cut out- for example, Jack Skellington’s tie.

The only problem was, I had no idea where to start or what to do. Even the first project (that comes with the Cricut and has pretty easy-to-follow steps) seemed intimidating to me-I actually found my serger less intimidating! So, how would I ever figure out how to print my pattern pieces on this thing when I couldn’t even figure out their pre-made templates?! Needless to say, the Cricut sat in its spot unused for weeks. Finally, I did the first project. Then it sat there for another couple weeks.

The thing I found most confusing, was the supplies and tools– there are so many and I didn’t know what any of the tools were! So, before even attempting a sewing project, I decided to do more paper crafts to get better acquainted with what the Cricut does and how it does it. But, every-time I picked a project, I couldn’t do it because I needed a certain blade or a certain kind of material (vinyl, card stock, etc). Figuring out the supplies list was enough to keep me from actually doing the project.

Image result for scared gif funny

Finally, I decided to look around for YouTube videos and tutorials so I could figure this out. By far, the best resource I’ve found is the blog called Jennifer Maker https://jennifermaker.com/ . She is amazing! She has lots of tutorials on how to do specific types of projects on the Cricut but she also has a free mini course for complete newbies like myself.

Note: I subscribed to her blog and she sent me an invite to the free course and I registered for it- I don’t know if you can find the course on her website without receiving that email BUT YouTube does have all the videos. When subscribed, she just sends you the link for 1 video per day for 7 days. See below for the first one. (Also note: I think it goes without saying that I am writing this post on my own and have no incentive to promote Jennifer Maker’s blog other than my own love of it!)

Now, I finally feel like I at least know where to start! If you’re like me and you are trying to figure this out, I highly recommend the 7 day course or even just watching any of her YouTube videos! I still don’t have it all figured out yet but I am not afraid of it anymore! And I have a less vague idea of how to use the machine! (I’m only on day 3 of her course).

Even though I have zero experience with paper crafts, I think it will be really fun to use the Cricut to make things with my kids- like Valentines cards for their classmates (something I’d never sit and cut out by hand!). The Cricut website also has some sewing patterns you can buy and print! I really want to start a doll sewing pattern or that pillowcase in the screenshot!

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think and if you know of any other Cricut resources!

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