How to Sew an Inseam Pocket

“Men have pockets to keep things in, women for decoration.”

Christian Dior

Have you noticed that women’s clothing rarely has pockets?? And when they do, they’re tiny! It’s one thing that really annoys me because I love being able to easily carry around my phone and some change but most of my clothes don’t have pockets. Sometimes, I actually plan my outfits around being able to have a pocket! (if my pants don’t have a pocket, I wear a sweater that does). So, in this post, I will show you how simple it is to insert an inseam pocket into your patterns. See below for the steps!

  1. Cut out your pocket pieces (2 of them). If you don’t have a pre-made pattern piece, just try to cut it in a shape similar to the picture below and make sure it’s large enough for your hand. Don’t forget to add a seam allowance!

2. On the inside of the main fabric (the pant pieces or skirt pieces), mark the spot where you want to pocket to sit (on both the front and back main pieces). If you’re not sure where the best place for your pocket is, I recommend about 5.5″ down from a high-waistline. My marking didn’t show up very well in the photo so I’ve edited it with paint so you can see it better.

3. Take one pocket piece and lay it on the front pant piece, right sides facing (the pocket should be completely on-top of the pant piece. Align the top of the pocket piece to the marking you just made. Repeat on the other side (right and left sides of the front of the pants) as well as the back pant pieces (right and left). Sorry- I forgot to get a picture of this step!

4. Sew in place with a 3/8″ seam allowance. This will help to ensure that the pocket will not be visible on the outside.

5. Turn the pockets out and press.

6. Lay the pants front pieces onto the back pieces right sides facing. Pin the side seams together. Pin around the pocket edges.

7. Sew the side seams as usual until you reach the top of the pocket. Pivot and stitch the front and back pocket pieces together. Continue down the rest of the side seam. (I’ve included two photos to make it easier to see where I’ve stitched).

8. Turn the pocket in and press towards the front of the garment.

You’re done!

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