Poppy pattern

So, today’s post isn’t a tutorial. I just wanted to share this poncho I made for my daughter. I love this! My daughter loves it too because she can wear it over her backpack on rainy days and keep it dry! (She has a Totoro backpack and is a little protective of it–cute!)

I got the sewing pattern from Poppy Magazine. I love this magazine because its only kids’ patterns. Their instructions are also very easy to follow and the patterns are generally beginner to intermediate. I buy many other sewing magazines as well (like Burda) but, unfortunately, most of them only have a few kids’ patterns.

Sadly, I used to get the Poppy magazine at Chapters but they’ve since moved locations. For some reason, after moving, they stopped getting the poppy magazines in! (or at least I haven’t seen any in).

Sa la vie. If you happen to see Poppy magazine in a store, I highly recommend it!

Poncho: Sewing pattern post

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