Easy Up cycling DIY: Girl’s Shirt Dress

Hello, today I’m going to show you an easy up-cycling project: how to make a girl’s dress out of a men’s button-down shirt. This is a very easy project-one I highly recommend to those who are new at sewing or anyone who wants a fast and easy project idea.

(Please note: This pattern says it fits girls sizes 4-8. However, I found it a little tight on my eight-year old daughter).

The instructions are below and you may also watch my video tutorial on Youtube here:

What you will need:

Men’s button-down shirt (medium or large)

Double wide bias tape

Sewing machine




Step 1: print, cut out, and tape together your pattern. I used the pattern made by Martha Stewart which can be found here–


Step 2: Lay the shirt out flat, right side facing up, and cut out the pattern pieces( taking care to notice where the buttons are placed- make sure it’s centred and decide how far from the top of the neckline you want the first button to be).

Step 3: Pin the front and back shirt pieces together, right sides facing each other. Sew along the top of the shoulders, under the arms, and along the sides with ¼ inch seams.

Step 4: Fold right-side out and pin a 14 inch piece of bias tape to the neck line and two 12 inch pieces of bias tape around the armholes.

Step 5: Sew bias tape on the neckline and armholes with about a  ¼ inch seam. Voila! You’re done!

Leave a comment with a picture of your completed dress!

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