Gutermann thread or Mettler thread review

Sewing Thread Review: Gutermann vs Mettler


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Recently, I was shopping for fabric and seen that thread was on sale. Gutermann was buy 1 get 1 free and Mettler was buy 1 get 2 free. So, I began to wonder which brand was better. I already use Gutermann and haven’t had any issues with it but I haven’t heard of Mettler so I googled reviews.
What I found was surprising- a blog where a woman said Gutermann has changed and is no longer considered a good, trustworthy brand. Apparently, it has become one of the not-so-great brands that frays and gums up machines. And cue the panic- I use this brand. Is it wrecking my machine!? Do I need to throw it out and buy all new thread??!
Then after a couple minutes I calmed down and realized that this was just one person’s opinion and I needed to do a little more research. Of course, I already knew that you shouldn’t buy cheap thread but I wanted to know if buying thread that’s just OK is really all that bad.
Before I tell you what I found, I will first share what I’ve been told re: why it even matters which thread we use.
  • Cheap thread actually isn’t spun that tightly and causes excessive fraying. Not only does this mean that the thread will break easily (reducing the quality of all your projects), it also causes an excessive amount of fibres to come loose in your machine which can apparently gum up the gears.
  • Cheap thread could also interfere with the tension of your machine. I read this on a few websites and am not entirely sure how this happens but the consensus is that it does.
  • Cheap thread is also often weaker in general (even if, hypothetically, it didn’t fray) because it’s usually made with a lower ply (the number of strands that are spun together: higher ply=stronger thread).
So, anyway, I googled and researched for hours but kept finding contradicting opinions. Out of frustration and a growing impatience, I decided to just phone the company I got my sewing machine from and ask them. I know they’re trustworthy because they’re experts on all different brands of sewing machines. You can phone them and ask literally any question about almost any sewing machine and they seem to immediately know the answer. They’ve also never tried to up-sell me on anything.
According to them, Gutermann thread, while not the best value, is not going to wreck my machine. However, because sewing machines tend not to like it, the specialist said that no one she works with (herself included) uses Gutermann. Hearing this surprised me because the majority of the reviews I read (all except that first one) said that Gutermann thread is a high quality and trustworthy brand.
The woman I talked to suggested that I use up all my Gutermann thread and never buy it again. She said it simply isn’t the best option out there which is reason enough for me. Sewing machines are an expensive investment. Even if the thread won’t actually damage machines, our sewing machines deserve the best.
When I asked her which brand she does recommend she suggested Mettler. So, there you have it. Mettler wins.
In my opinion, it’s the same as cooking- what you make is only as good as your ingredients. I don’t want to sacrifice quality or take even the slightest risk that the thread could have a negative impact on my sewing machine or projects. Especially if I am gonna be spending time and money to make something- might as well ensure the best quality!
Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “Sewing Thread Review: Gutermann vs Mettler

  1. I was very interested to read this article and I can certainly agree about the tension on the sewing machine. For years I have struggled to get the tension right on my Toyota machine, but a couple of days ago I changed to Mettler thread and straight away the tension on my sewing machine was correct without me having to make any adjustments.

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  2. Thank you for this info, I am buying a Bernina and want to treat it to what it needs to be a great machine! As you said machines are big investments! I don’t know a thing about Mettler except I have heard of them, so I will find out if they make poly-cotton for clothing sewing or just poly or what…it will be fun to continue to educate myself! Thanks again.

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