The Sewing App That Will Make Your Life Easier: Organize You Sewing Supplies

Recently, I decided to make new pillow cases for some throw pillows in my living room- a simple project I could complete in a half-an-hour. The only problem was, I was too lazy (and cheap) to go to the fabric store. So, I began looking through my giant pile of fabric and found lots of really cute fabrics I completely forgot I had!

This made me realize I needed a way to keep track of my sewing supplies. Not only would it save time (from digging through that giant pile over and over again) but it could also help save money- I don’t know how many times I’ve ended up with doubles of things (like thread or buttons) because I couldn’t remember if I needed more.

After some googling, I found the perfect solution: an android app called Sew Awesome. Out of all the other apps I tried, Sew Awesome was the best sewing app (AND it’s free!) It provides a way for sewing enthusiasts, like myself, to keep an inventory of their sewing supplies. One way it does this is by letting you enter each piece of fabric you have along with its measurements, type, stretch, and brand. You can even number your fabric and add care instructions! I found this really smart because sometimes I buy fabric and then don’t actually get to my project for a while. When that happens, I usually lose the slip for the care instructions and forget exactly what type of fabric it is (which can be confusing-especially when you buy mixed fabrics).

sewawesome4      sewaweome

You can also add which feet you have, your machines/tools, thread, and patterns.


This app even has some features unrelated to organization but that are still handy: a button size chart, size conversions, and definitions for some general sewing terminology.

sewawesome2     sewawesome3.jpg

What I especially like about this sewing app, is the fact that you can look at what you have anywhere. For example, in the store or when you’re in bed (my youngest still insists that I lay with her until she falls asleep, so, this would be a perfect time for planning new projects!)

In conclusion, I strongly recommend this app- it truly is Sew Awesome! Leave a comment letting me know if you tried it and what you think!

(Photo credits: Fabric photo provided by WordPress. All photos of the Sew Awesome app in this post are screen shots taken on my phone)

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